Which gender enjoys being in the office more?

Men report higher workplace satisfaction, according to a new survey — and they also view women’s opportunities within the organization differently than their female colleagues.

The survey found the genders valued different job elements. Women, for example, place a greater emphasis on compensation and work/life balance than men. Seventy-six percent of female workers say compensation and benefits are very important to them; 68 percent of male workers feel that way.

Men also perceive the way their company supports female workers as more positive than women do. Forty-six percent of male workers say they’re satisfied with management opportunities for women; only 33 percent of women feel enough opportunities exist.

Similarly, 44 percent of men felt their company had a decent representation of women in leadership roles, compared to 33 percent of female workers.

For more on the workplace satisfaction, gender-related advancement opportunity and other findings, view these informational slides from InHerSight and Kununu, who conducted the survey.