Research indicates staff members aren’t thrilled with workplace training

kimberly-farmer-lUaaKCUANVI-unsplash-1Nearly half of employees are underwhelmed by their employer’s learning and development options, according to a new global survey. Only one in five workers are likely to recommend their company’s L&D strategy.

The survey findings also suggest a disconnect exists between how end users and the departments that often plan L&D programs view the instruction’s effect. Survey respondents who work in HR expressed the most satisfaction with learning and development efforts; employees in non-management positions were the least satisfied with learning and development options.

Workers are, however, seeking knowledge through other formats. Every week, the majority use books, videos and podcasts for independent learning; each month, employees watch a webinar for development purposes.

While most (65 percent) said they’d consulted specific websites for information when they needed to learn something for their job or career in the past year, 62 percent reached out to their personal network for answers, and 44 percent asked their team members or peers within their company.

More than a quarter (26 percent) of employees who were interested in learning new skills in the workplace consulted their company’s HR, training or learning team; and 33 percent turned to social media networks or communities for guidance.

For more about how employees learn and view L&D programs, review the full results from the survey Degreed conducted with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning.