annoying-boss-dispute.pngTwo in every three U.K. employees have had an annoying boss, according to a new Glassdoor survey.

Glassdoor senior management and overall company satisfaction ratings indicate U.K. employees are generally happier with their employer than the management member they report to.

The most common issue employees said they’d had with management was disrespectful behavior — which had been a problem for 43 percent of respondents; 34 percent said their manager had a negative attitude.

Some said their boss stunk — literally. More than four percent of U.K. employees were troubled by a boss’ bad body odor.

Reactions to annoying bosses varied. Most employees (40 percent) said they would try to ignore the person; 18 percent said they would react to having a bad boss by gossiping about their boss to other colleagues. Just 12 percent said they’d confront the situation.

For more on what U.K. employees think about having a bad boss, visit Glassdoor’s site.