global-happy-employee.pngThe United States, Germany and the Netherlands have the happiest employees, ranking 71.8, 71.2 and 69.9, respectively, on a happiness scale of 0 to 100, according to a new study from Robert Half.

Different drivers were responsible for employee happiness. Pride in the company was the top factor in Canada, the U.S and U.K.; in France, Belgium and Germany, being treated with fairness and respect was the most influential aspect.

Interestingly, two other factors the study examined — employees’ interest in their job and whether or whether or not the job involved very little stress — didn’t always correlate with employee happiness. For example, German employees came in eighth in regard to experiencing a low stress level, but they’re the second happiest workers and have the highest level of job interest.

U.K. respondents indicated their stress level was fairly low. The nation ranked seventh in job interest, however, and had the least happiest workers, with a 67.2 rating on the happiness scale. France (63.8) and Belgium (65.2) were next in line.

Learn more about the findings or download the report here.