Our Analyze suite of services enables organizations to understand and prioritize their talent issues using analytics.  

Talent capabilities should be continuously evaluated and improved in order to sustain a healthy talent lifecycle. We help organizations do this by implementing customized systems and dashboards that empower employees, managers and executives to make better talent decisions driven by data.

Read more below about how these services empower employees and protect businesses from future talent risk. 

Market Intelligence

Acting as a trusted partner with our clients, Talent Intelligence delivers actionable, market-relevant insight and the tools for organizations to grow and achieve their potential.

What Market Intelligence gives you:

  • Qualitative and quantitative data to answer talent related questions
  • Detailed reports around business-critical industry trends and topics

Talent Dashboards

Talent is a complicated business – that’s why we created the Talent Dashboard, a way for organizations to prioritize talent pools and take a strategic approach to their people needs.

What Talent Dashboard gives you:

  • A customizable platform to organize and prioritize your talent pools based on your needs and specific criteria
  • Real time data visualization that makes information easy to digest and act upon

Career Performance Intelligence

We believe people should have more control over their professional development. That’s why we created a platform that boosts employees’ ability to overcome challenges and spot opportunities – for their own growth as well as for the business.

What Career Performance Intelligence gives you:

  • Alignment of individual career development goals with company goals
  • A transformation from ‘box ticking’ exercises to transparent, self-reflective conversations between manager and employee
  • An evidence-based approach to performance management

Talent Analytics

Great businesses are built on evidence and analysis. At Talent Intelligence, we help ambitious businesses achieve their potential by putting innovative talent analysis in their hands.

What Talent Analytics gives you:

  • A data analysis service that is customized to your particular needs
  • Customized tools such as engagement surveys, culture surveys, exit surveys and hiring analytics to optimize your talent