Workers say rude, flaky and overly demanding supervisors are inspiration to look for a new job

gift-habeshaw-612154-unsplash-670493-editedEven with the best compensation, benefits and location, employees who report to a bad manager at work can lose interest in their job — and start to look for another one, according to a new survey.

More than half (53 percent) of employees say a disrespectful boss would cause them to consider leaving the company, even if they were otherwise happy with their employer.

In addition, employees said working for a manager who breaks promises (46 percent), overworks employees (42 percent) or has unrealistic expectations (42 percent) might cause them to look for a new job, despite feeling satisfied with their current position.

Other bad manager traits workers mentioned could negatively affect their workplace experience included playing favorites, gossiping about other employees and being overly critical.

For more on what bothers employees most about dealing with a bad manager at work, view this press release about the survey, which was conducted by Yoh.