They’re less sure, however, it will affect their role

stock-illustration-cyber-robot-mascot-de-2151514-664287-editedSixty-three percent of Americans feel using AI in the workplace will have a negative effect in the future, according to a new survey — but many aren’t concerned it will change their job specifically.

Forty-six percent of American workers believe AI will eliminate other people’s jobs. Only 23 percent, though, think AI will make their position less essential or eliminate it; and just 24 percent feel AI may make it more difficult for them to get a new job in the future.

More than half — 54 percent — of employees believe using AI in the workplace will actually have a positive effect.

Some (24 percent) say it will allow businesses to grow and create more jobs. Although only 21 percent of American workers believe AI will personally help them perform their job faster and better, 31 percent think AI will help other people improve their job performance.

For more on the survey, conducted on behalf of Yoh, view this press release on its findings