stock-photo-business-man-looking-overwor-1847101-731456-edited.pngMore than a third of U.S. employees say they don’t get enough sleep to think clearly, make informed decisions and be productive at work, according to a new report.

In addition to causing potential safety issues, feeling tired at work can result in operational issues. Seventy-six percent of employees say they have experienced fatigue at work; 53 percent feel less productive and 44 percent have trouble focusing.

Almost all workers, it seems, may face the threat of exhaustion. An overwhelming majority — 97 percent — have at least one of the leading nine risk factors for fatigue, which include working at night or in the early morning, working long shifts without regular breaks, working more than 50 hours each week and enduring a long commute.

Thirty-nine percent said they have trouble remembering things during the workday because of fatigue at work; 27 percent of employees have trouble making decisions due to feeling tired at work.

Find out more about the risks employees who don’t get enough sleep may face in the National Safety Council’s new report.