Learning opportunities and location are top reasons employees stay

samuel-foster-VFrDWWJbbj4-unsplash-1More than a quarter (29 percent) of employees are actively looking for a job while employed — and 78 percent would be open to switching jobs, if the right opportunity came along, according to a new survey.

The research also identified several key factors that influence job satisfaction and employees’ overall interest in staying in a role.

A number of U.S. workers, for instance, are seeking a challenging position with potential for growth and advancement. Fifty percent of the survey respondents said they feel their current role is “just a job.”

Only 32 percent of employees are satisfied with the opportunities for career advancement at their current company; and just 37 percent are content with the available training and learning opportunities.

More than half of employees (58 percent) feel their company isn’t creating learning opportunities in the workplace that will help them obtain new skills and advance their career.

When applying for a new position, jobseekers rank commute time as the third most important deciding factor, behind salary and benefits.

Certain other perks, such as summer hours, may also be a consideration. Forty-two percent of potential jobseekers said they’d be more willing to join or stay at companies with half-day Fridays. Twenty-three percent value on-site fitness centers.

For more on the effect amenities, commute time and other elements can have on the way employees view their job, read this information about CareerBuilder’s survey.