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At Talent Intelligence, we lead by example and are proud to have attracted an executive management team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to lead our efforts in the areas of research, recruitment, diversity, and analytics.

Meet our exceptionally experienced and qualified team who will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you have the most highly qualified pool of candidates, and the analytics and research to support your efforts. In addition, we work closely and with compassion to help our clients meet their important goals in diversity and inclusion. As a team it is our goal that all our clients become the employer of choice within their sectors.

One thing our team excels at is the ability to strategically consider myriad details to achieve your talent recruitment, retention, and development goals by applying the highest level of data analytics and research to each engagement.

“Talent Intelligence is a true leader in their field. They back up their expertise with an impressive array of qualified, brilliant team members. The team at Talent Intelligence will continue to work with our company as we aim to maintain our aggressive growth trajectory. My sincere thank you to the Talent Intelligence Team!”

CEO, Healthcare Organization

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