stock-photo-silly-brunet-woman-and-man-c-2057903.pngThirty-two percent of millennials will likely exit their company within the next six months, compared to 11-12 percent of older employees, according to recent research.

Not feeling fulfilled at work — a sentiment 40 percent of millennial employees have — is a factor. According to Clutch HR, which conducted the survey, Gen Y workers expect a “laundry list” of perks; may still be seeking a permanent career path and may feel stagnant in entry-level positions.

However, the company identified communication style differences as one of the biggest issues. Providing more input may help.

Seventy-two percent of millennial employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback from their managers find their job fulfilling. Just 38 percent of Gen Y workers who don’t get regular feedback feel satisfied with their job.

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