Job security and completing tasks are two top concerns

More Than 10 Percent of Workers Are Dealing with Unmanageable Stress - Talent Intelligence A significant number of workers — particularly ones in their 30s and 40s — say they’re stressed, according to two recent studies highlighting stress in the workplace.

One survey, conducted by Cigna, found 87 percent of employees on a global scale are stressed at work, with 12 percent considering their stress level to be unmanageable.

The “always on” work environment 64 percent say exists within their company may be a factor. Workers identified several catalysts for stress in general, including personal finance matters, their workload and health issues.

A separate survey from LinkedIn Learning found employees view their workload and trying to figure out how to achieve work-life balance as their biggest stress driver at work, followed by concerns about the future of their job.

More Generation X members are experiencing stress in the workplace than millennials or baby boomers, according to the survey. Cigna’s research found the sandwich generation — workers between approximately age 35 to 49 — scored lowest in most workplace wellness dimensions, indicating their stress level may be on the rise.

In addition, women report being more stressed at work than men, according to Cigna. Thirteen percent of female workers say they’re facing unmanageable stress, compared to 11 percent of male employees.

For more on Cigna’s findings, view its report; additional information on LinkedIn Learning’s data can be found in its blog.