12-7-15_blog_2.jpgJob satisfaction in the U.K. has reached its lowest level in almost two years, while job-seeking intentions rose to a two-and-a-half year high, according to new data from the not-for-profit Chartered Institute for Personal Development and Halogen Software.

Why are employees so unhappy? CIPD and Halogen found that nearly a fifth feel their organization’s performance management processes are unfair, helping to influence job dissatisfaction.

More than a quarter aren’t pleased with the available skill-developing opportunities. Thirty-six percent of employees, in fact, say they’re unlikely to fulfill their career goals at their current organization.

Salary, however, did not seem to be a main job dissatisfaction factor. Forty-one percent of employees said they were satisfied with their current pay, compared to 36 percent who were not. Find out more in the CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook report.