Innovation and recruiting are also concerns for 2018

stock-photo-business-people-and-public-a-1348251-310608-edited.pngC-suite executives — including ones in the CEO, CFO and CHRO role — say attracting and retaining talented employees is their top concern for the coming year, according to a new survey.

CEOs feel effective, consistent communication at all levels will be the most important human capital strategy this year.

They also ranked encouraging an open, safe and transparent speak-up culture in which employees feel they’re able to be frank as one of the most crucial strategies for 2018.

Every size company, industry and region expressed a strong desire for establishing and maintaining a culture of innovation, naming it as their top innovation strategy, with the exception of Asia, which ranked creating a culture of innovation as its third most important innovation strategy.

To find out more about the responses from professionals in the CHRO role, along with other C-suite executives’ thoughts, view this information from The Conference Board.