Our unique approach to enhancing clients diversity efforts combines internal diversity process analysis and external market research. We go beyond standard best practices by emphasizing our clients’ unique organizational and industrial contexts.

Through the integration of multiple research methods and objective data sources we provide clients with an evidence-based road map to transform and optimize their diversity efforts.

We are committed to this meaningful work and advise clients that long-term diversity objectives must be combined with short-term. For a Diversity & Inclusion program to be truly successful it must be enterprise-wide, disciplined and consistent.

Recruitment & Pipelining

Instead of urgently filling vacancies, we proactively socialize diverse candidates, allowing our clients to meet talent in advance of an open role. We build pipelines of diverse talent, which can be turned into hires without placement fees.

The benefits include reduced recruitment spend, enhanced employer brand, decreased time to hire, improved internal relationships and boosted talent quality

Internal Analysis

Our in-depth internal process analysis is designed to reveal the strengths and opportunities of existing diversity efforts at your organization. Our goal is to ensure that best practices and tools are consistently utilized so clients achieve their diversity goals.

We partner with leads across your business to make tailored recommendations to your unique organizational processes, challenges, and culture. We conduct focus groups to identify your specific challenges in attracting, hiring, and retaining diverse candidates to help solve your unique challenges.

Based on client needs, TI consultants can analyze and advise on the following diversity topics:

  • Sourcing channels & candidate pool management
  • Hiring manager & recruiter processes
  • Candidate conversion & hiring procedures
  • Candidate socialization and communication of employer brand
  • Diverse interview panels process and composition
  • Diversity awareness & training programs
  • Diverse employee engagement and support structures
  • Performance review processes and bias
  • Bias in job descriptions and postings
  • Systems of accountability

External Analysis

The external market analysis provides a detailed lens to the diversity successes and challenges experienced by your competitors and or best-in-class companies. We develop an understanding of their diversity journey, from how initiatives evolved to their current state

Typical topics include:

  • New or untapped Diversity channels & resources ​
  • Efficacy of Diversity & Inclusion programs
  • Industry best practices​ (e.g. use of Employee Resource Groups, Systems of Accountability)
  • Candidate & employee experience​
  • Attraction & retention
  • Emerging talent trends for diverse hiring ​
  • Diversity initiatives & key focuses

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